2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 25, 2024  
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Facilities and Services

New Rochelle Campus

lona College’s main campus is located in New Rochelle, New York. lona’s major administrative offices, physical facilities and specialized services are provided at this location to support all academic and student service programs. All facilities are open during the College’s regular schedule of operations. A brief overview of these facilities and services is provided below.

Administrative Offices

Major administrative offices (Admissions, Student Financial Services) are located in McSpedon Hall. The Office of Student Development is located in the Robert V. LaPenta Student Union. The Advancement Office is located at 91 Beechmont Drive. The offices of the Dean of Arts and Science are located in the Murphy Science and Technology Center. The offices of the Dean of the Hagan School of Business are in Hagan Hall. The offices of the President and Provost are located in McSpedon Hall.

Arts Center

The Iona College Arts Center houses the department of Fine and Performing Arts, its faculty offices, classrooms and studios dedicated to visual art, sculpture, music and dance. The Brother Kenneth Chapman Gallery is host to a variety of faculty, student, invitational and juried art exhibitions sponsored by the Iona College Council on the Arts. The Council, with an endowment from the Baron Lambert Fund for the Arts, established through the generosity of JoAnn and Joseph M. Murphy, sponsors artistic and cultural programs for the enrichment of the Iona College community.

Athletic Facilities

The Hynes Athletics Center houses the offices of the athletic director and coaches of intercollegiate teams. An arena, which seats 2,500 spectators for athletic events and more than 3,500 for concerts, is home for lona basketball teams. Also in the Center are a swimming pool, aerobics/dance center, free-weight center, cardiovascular center, and other facilities.


Auditoriums are located in Doorley Hall, Mulcahy Center, Ryan Library and the Joyce Auditorium in Murphy Science and Technology Center.


Books, stationery supplies, clothing, greeting cards, film, souvenirs and other items are available in the College Bookstore. The bookstore is located in La Penta Student Union. Students may sell used books back to the bookstore at any time during regular store hours. Students may purchase books online by going to the Iona College website, clicking on Current Students and proceed to the Bookstore website. The bookstore is open additional evening and weekend hours at the beginning of each semester.

Computing Facilities

Information Technology supports both academic and administrative computing activities throughout the campus. The campus network consists of 120 servers and 1,433 workstations. Seven hundred thirty-eight (738) of these workstations are available on campus for student use.  One third of the systems are dual boot iMac computers and the rest are Windows based computers. These systems are in the libraries, public and departmental facilities. Each workstation supports various academic and administrative software, provides Internet access, and access to Iona College’s Library databases. Laser printers and multimedia capability are located in most laboratories. State-of-the-art projection systems and workstations are located in 84 classrooms. All classrooms in New Rochelle are equipped with access to the campus network and the Internet. Network connectivity is provided via wireless, category 5 & 6 wiring, fiber optic cable, a 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet Backbone, a high speed 100 Mbit point to point connection to the Rockland Graduate Center and a 500 Mbit connection to the Internet.

The student computers on the New Rochelle campus are housed in 44 facilities including the two campus libraries. Most facilities are connected to the campus backbone via a high-speed gigabit Ethernet connection. Two of these facilities are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Other facilities are open for approximately 16 hours a day during the week and 12 hours a day on the weekends. Departmental labs are open at the discretion of each individual academic department. The computer lab at the Rockland Graduate Center is open Monday through Friday.

Wireless connectivity is available throughout the campus to all students. All student residence halls are fully connected to the wireless network. Students need to purchase laptops and wireless cards to connect to the wireless network. Up-to-date details are available on the College’s website or by contacting the Ryan Help Desk on the New Rochelle campus. The Help Desk can be reached by calling (914) 633-2635.

Computing Software and Services

A variety of software packages are currently available in the computing lab facilities including Microsoft Office Professional, statistical analysis, graphics, programming languages and compilers, communications and discipline-related software.

Microsoft Office 365 email and OneDrive cloud storage is available to all students, faculty, administrators and staff at Iona College. A full range of Internet services, databases and electronic resources may be accessed from the computing laboratories and all networked campus locations. Computer users can visit Iona’s web site at www.iona.edu.

Students can view their financial aid package, schedules, grades, and transcripts via the web using PeopleSoft administrative software. They can also register for future terms and pay bills on-line. Detailed instructions on accessing the above services are available on the College website.

Technical assistance on hardware and software is provided to the students in the public laboratories via the Help Desk. E-mail may also be used to request information on computing related topics. Labs may be reserved by faculty for online demonstrations. Consultation services are available to faculty, staff and administrators at the Ryan Help Desk.

Computing Accounts

Computing accounts are available to all students, faculty, administrators and staff at Iona College. The accounts provide access to the College’s e-mail, network, administrative systems, the Internet, the Library’s electronic databases and to a variety of application software packages. Computing accounts are created for students at the time of their first registration and remain active while they are registered at the College.

Purchasing a Computer

Iona College recommends that students purchase a laptop for use on campus. Please note this is NOT a requirement as there are computers available on campus for student use. Iona is a wireless campus. Special pricing on laptops and related accessories has been arranged by the College through Apple, Dell and Lenovo. Students must have Microsoft Security Essentials, Kaspersky, AVG, Symantec, or McAfee antivirus software installed on their personal computers. If they do not have one of these antivirus products installed, Iona College will install Microsoft Security Essentials on their personal computer. Iona’s recommended laptop configuration is posted on the Information Technology web page at www.iona.edu/iona/media/Documents/Home/RecommendedLaptopConfiguration.pdf and is updated annually in May. Please direct any questions to Adrianna DiLello at adilello@iona.edu or contact the Helpdesk at (914) 633-2635.

Computer systems and equipment for faculty and staff for departmental use must be purchased through PC Acquisitions: (914) 633-2651.

Dining Services

Vitanza Dining Commons, located in Spellman Hall, is open Monday-Thursday from 7:30 am - 2:30 pm, and 5:00 pm - 8:30 pm; and on Friday from 7:30 am - 2:30 pm. The LaPenta Student Union Snack Bar is open Monday - Sunday from 11:00 am until midnight.  In addition to the Commons and Snack Bar, two Starbucks are located on campus at the Ryan Library and on the lower floor of the LaPenta Student Union Building.

Iona College Rockland Graduate Center

The Rockland Graduate Center is a full-service branch campus which offers graduate programs in business administration, public relations, computer science, educational leadership, teacher education, English and history.

Located in Rockland County, the campus can be reached conveniently from Westchester, Orange and Bergen counties and all areas of Rockland County, by major New York roadways.

The campus has its own administrative offices, computing facilities, library, faculty offices, student lounge and classrooms. For further information, contact:

Office of Graduate Admissions
Iona College
Rockland Graduate Center
Two Blue Hill Plaza
Concourse Level
Pearl River, NY 10965
e-mail: rockland@iona.edu
(845) 620-1350

Language Laboratory

The Department of Foreign Languages laboratory is located on the first floor of Doorley Hall (Rm. 114).   It is equipped with 25 individual listening stations linked to a central console from which students can be monitored and helped as they listen to audio cassettes or CDs.  Each of the 25 lab stations is also equipped with a computer, and computer software for language learning is available.  The lab also has as a flat screen television for viewing films and videos.  It is open 25 hours a week and is used by students in French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Library Facilities

The two campus libraries, Ryan Library and the Helen T. Arrigoni Library/Technology Center, house extensive collections and offer computer access to collections worldwide. The on-site collections, including more than 250,000 volumes, 700 periodical subscriptions, audiovisual materials, and microforms, have been developed to support Iona’s curriculum and special interests.  With more than 80 electronic databases, students have online access to millions of articles from over 15,000 full text journals. These are readily available from on-or off-campus.

In addition, the libraries have 130 networked state-of-the-art workstations, as well as a wireless environment. There are more than 400 seats for group and private study, audiovisual viewing spaces, three multimedia classrooms, and a 200-seat lecture hall.  In addition, Ryan Library has a seminar room and six group study/work rooms with technology-equipped hardware. Ryan Library is open approximately 99 hours a week and is staffed by library professionals who are experienced in providing individual and group research instruction. The Information Technology Help Desk is located in Ryan Library at the main desk where staff can assist students with software and hardware problems.

The library at the Rockland Graduate Center houses over 4,000 volumes and 40 periodical subscriptions. It is a wireless environment, and the electronic databases are readily accessible. Students also have access to all the resources at the main campus.

Reciprocal agreements with other libraries expand the libraries’ resources. Iona students are welcome at the New Rochelle Public Library, as well as at many other academic and public libraries in the region. Furthermore, the libraries’ Document Delivery/Interlibrary Loan Service can borrow materials needed by students from collections around the world.

Mass Communication Facilities

The lona College Department of Mass Communication is located in the Murphy Science and Technology Center. Its facilities include a television studio, control room, radio lab, a computerized media lab, a theatre for film and video, a departmental library, and video editing suite.

The department has a continually expanding collection of media-based software to complement its major programs. Advertising students are able to conduct sophisticated research using the seminal sources, such as Simmons Research Reports and Nielsen and Arbitron Studies.

Murphy Science and Technology Center and the Joyce Auditorium

The Murphy Science and Technology Center houses classrooms, theaters and administrative and faculty offices. The Murphy Center is where the offices of the Dean of Arts and Science, Computer Science, and Mass Communication departments are located.

Two computer laboratories, a film/video theater, a radio laboratory, a theater workshop, a television studio and a Mass Communication Resource Center are located in the Murphy Center. A 349 seat auditorium is also in the Murphy Center.

Psychology Laboratories

Doorley Hall houses the Department of Psychology. Available to students and faculty for course-related experiments and projects are laboratories for the study of animal and human learning and perception, one-way mirror observation rooms, physiological bio-feedback recording systems, and statistical on-line and off-line research facilities. Computer laboratories are available for experimentation, simulation and data analysis.

Science Laboratories

Science laboratories are housed in Cornelia Hall. They include student laboratories for laboratory classes as well as research facilities for faculty and student research.  

The biology laboratories are equipped with teaching microscopes, Nikon E600 epiflurorescent microscope with DSQI1 CCD camera and image analysis, automatic X-ray film processor with dark room, microtomes, embedding stations, automatic tissue processor, spectrophotometers (including UV), a deionizer for filtering water, luminometer, incubators, thermocyclers, basic molecular biology equipment including a gel-imaging system, a microbiology prep room with autoclave, -70ºC deep freezer, laminar flow hood and tissue culture facilities, anatomical models, physiographs, ecology sampling equipment and student research facilities.

Among the instruments utilized in the chemistry laboratories are: FT-NMR Spectrometer (Anasazi); AA240 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer; Varian 2000/3900 Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer with NIST spectral search library;  Fluoromax 4 Fluorescence Spectrometer; Attenuated Total Reflectance FT-Infrared Spectrometer with online spectral search library; and an Advanced Microscopy Laboratory consisting of Research Grade Inverted Microscope (Olympus) with 12 megapixel CCD camera  (DP70) and computer,  and two hydraulic micromanipulators with 3-D Joystick (Narishige) on a Newport VH3048 vibration isolation workstation.

The Physics Department maintains two laboratories for physics activities and a computer electronics laboratory. A small shop area is used for apparatus repair and fabrication. Available instruments include: a four-inch electromagnet; a Bausch and Lomb grating spectrograph; a Tel-X-Ometer x-ray spectrometer and a variety of lasers. A GCA McPherson 0.3 meter grating monochrometer and a Stanford Research Systems lock-in amplifier are used for research on optical properties of materials. A Nucleus Corporation gamma ray scintillation spectrometer, which is equipped for radon studies, is also used for research. The electronics lab contains stations fully equipped with Tektronix and Keithley instruments and a large assortment of microcomputers for interfacing studies. The department also has a remote observing workstation to access the NASA Infrared 3-meter telescope located on Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

Speech-Language Hearing Center

The lona College Speech-Language Hearing Center is open five days a week. Senior undergraduate students conduct speech and language techniques under the supervision of several licensed and certified speech pathologists. The department owns materials for diagnosis and treatment of childhood speech and language disorders and houses a clinic on campus.

Blessed Edmund Rice Chapel (Formerly St. Mary’s Chapel)

Blessed Edmund Rice Chapel is the house of prayer for the Christian Brothers who live and work here at Iona.  It is open for use to the college community through daily mass (noon, Monday-Friday) and other prayer services. Members of the College community are welcome to visit the chapel at any time during the day for quiet prayer. The chapel can be found on the north side of the campus, behind the Columba parking lot, adjacent to the Social Work House on Beechmont Drive.


The theatrical productions of the Department of Fine and Performing Arts including the Iona Dance Ensemble and the Iona Theatre Ensemble are held in Murphy Auditorium, Romita Auditorium and Doorley Auditorium. Additional performances by the Iona Players and the Singers are held in Arrigoni Center and Doorley Auditorium. The Murphy Science and Technology Center houses a small film/video theater. The Gael Club in Rice Hall is a hot spot for comedians, bands, jazz groups and other entertainment events. There are a number of co-curricular activities and on-campus art exhibits, cultural events and performances sponsored by the Iona College Council on the Arts, all of which contribute to the intellectual, cultural and social development of the student.