2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Jun 25, 2024  
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Programs


lona College offers graduate programs through its School of Arts and Science and Hagan School of Business. The graduate catalog details these programs; an overview is presented here. Except where indicated, programs are available in New Rochelle and Rockland.

School of Arts and Science

The School of Arts and Science offers graduate degree programs in public relations, sports communications, computer science, criminal justice, education, educational administration, educational technology, English, health services administration, history, marriage and family therapy, pastoral counseling, psychology, Spanish and telecommunications.


Master of Arts in Public Relations

The MA in Public Relations prepares individuals to assume positions of leadership in public relations organizations ranging from agencies to corporate PR departments to nonprofit and governmental departments. Through core and elective courses, the 36-credit curriculum blends theory and practice to provide the professional skills necessary for effective delivery and management of communication services. Specialized courses provide in-depth experiences that prepare students for roles in sports and entertainment, corporate  or nonprofit communications organizations.

Advanced Certificate in Nonprofit Public Relations (Online)

The Advanced Certificate in Nonprofit Public Relations enables individuals who hold a bachelor’s degree and those who have significant professional experience to enroll in the online certificate program.

Computer Science

Master of Science in Computer Science

This 33-credit program prepares students for careers as computer science professionals in industry, education and government at the research, planning and development levels, and to pursue additional formal education in computer science. The program is organized to enhance students’ understanding of the theories, concepts and practices of computer science and to enable them to develop new competencies. The department also supports concentrations in Cyber Security and Game Development. Transition courses are available for those who lack the appropriate background or prerequisites.


(Counseling programs are not available at Rockland.)

Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy

This 54-credit program with a strong clinical base trains specialists in the field of family counseling. Graduates who work in hospitals, human service agencies and religious institutions are prepared to analyze and diagnose the family, marital and interpersonal problems presented by clients and provide effective counseling intervention.

Criminal Justice

Master of Science in Criminal Justice

This 33-credit program combines practical training with an interdisciplinary program of study and a specialization in computer applications. Courses provide criminal justice professionals with a greater understanding of current research and sophisticated technologies, and prepare graduates of allied fields for careers as police officers, investigators, correction specialists and other criminal justice professionals.

Advanced Certificate in Cyber-Crime & Security

This certificate is designed for those students interested in researching Cyber-crime & Security monitoring. It is also for professionals who wish to advance their career path, particularly job-specific in the criminal justice system, business, Finance, or banking. This certificate is appropriate for the fields
of law enforcement, private firms involved with cyber-crime & security, financial institutions or government & private contractors focused on preventing and detecting cyber-espionage and criminal investigations.

Advanced Certificate in Forensic Criminology and the Criminal Justice System

This 15-credit, graduate-level certificate is designed for professionals who wish to expand their expertise in the area of Criminal Justice. Students will focus on those populations being served by state and federal court systems, state and federal correctional systems, law enforcement agencies, prison/jail mental health facilities, and juvenile facilities. This certificate is appropriate for the fields of criminal justice, nursing/public health, law and paralegal studies, forensic psychology, and social work.


lona offers programs for students with no formal background in teacher training who want to enter the teaching profession. lona also offers programs for beginning and experienced teachers seeking advanced certification, as well as for school administrators who seek state certification for professional advancement.

Master of Science in Teaching

Vast changes in the teaching profession are drawing professionals from diverse fields into education. lona has designed MST programs in childhood and adolescence education (biology, English, mathematics and social studies) for career changers and others who want to embark on a teaching career but lack prior educational course work.

Master of Science in Education

Programs include a literacy and special education certification for childhood or adolescent education as well as adolescence education in biology, English, Italian, mathematics and social studies. These programs are designed for individuals who already possess initial certification.


Master of Arts in English

This 33 to 36 credit program, designed for students seeking personal development, career development or advanced study in the field of English, seeks to develop mature scholars of English who will possess a deeper understanding of literature and sophisticated methods of research. The department also supports specializations in the teaching of English at the secondary level through the MS in Education and the MS in Teaching. (See Education  listing.)


Master of Arts in History with a Focus in Global Studies

This 33 to 36-credit program will enable students to move beyond an understanding of the role of Western Europe in shaping our values and institutions to appreciate the ideas and traditions of the cultures of Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas. It is designed for secondary-level social studies teachers who wish to add to their knowledge and skills, students with an undergraduate degree in history who wish to prepare for doctoral study, and those who seek personal and intellectual growth.

The department also supports specializations in the teaching of social studies at the secondary level through the MS in Education and the MS in Teaching. (See Education  listing.)

Master of Arts in History

The MA program in History is designed to benefit those seeking professional advancement and personal fulfillment. The Program’s uncomplicated, 30-credit, course requirement will allow for both the development of a mature understanding of history and the completion of one’s degree in one to one and a half years.

The Department also supports specializations in the teaching of Social Studies at the secondary level through the MS in Education and the MS in Teaching (see Education  listing).


Master of Arts in Italian (Not accepting new students)

This 30 to 33 credit program is offered for persons interested in the opportunity of advancing their knowledge in the field of Italian literature, history and language. The program aims to serve students with various career goals such as teaching or for preparation for doctoral level study. Emphasis is placed on the study of the great literary works of the Medieval, Renaissance and Modern eras, as well as Italian linguistics and the history of the Italian language. The department also supports specializations in the teaching of Italian at the secondary level through the MS in Education and the MS in Teaching. See the Education  listing.


Master of Arts in Psychology
Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling
Master of Arts in School Psychology

The Master degrees in Psychology have been designed for persons who are considering a career in psychology, are already employed in the field or see themselves en route to doctoral study in psychology. The MA in Psychology offers a specialization in: general experimental psychology and industrial organizational psychology. The MA in Mental Health Counseling is a licensure-qualifying program. The MA in School Psychology is designed to prepare students for New York State Certification.

The program provides a balance of theoretical, methodological and practical expertise, as well as extensive training in written and oral expression. The program is designed to provide pertinent new experiences, to enhance knowledge in substantive areas, and to facilitate maximum development of essential professional competencies and attitudes. (These programs are not available at Rockland.)


Master of Arts in Spanish

This 30 to 33-credit program prepares students for professional careers in education, business, social service and government, as well as for doctoral study. Study of the literature and culture of Spain and Spanish-America may be combined with opportunities to study abroad to promote language mastery and enrich cultural understanding. The department also supports specializations in the teaching of Spanish at the secondary level through the MS in Education and the MS in Teaching. See the Education  listing. (This program is not available at the Rockland Graduate Center.)

Speech Communication Studies

MA in Communication Sciences and Disorders

The MA in CSD has been designed for persons who are considering a career such as speech language pathology. The program provides aspiring professionals with a firm understanding of the normal processes of speech, language, and hearing; the competence to diagnose and treat the full range of communicative disorders in all age groups; and the opportunity to practice in a wide variety of clinical settings, including schools, hospitals, clinics, special treatment centers, and private practice. The MA in CSD is a professional program that emphasizes the knowledge and skills requisite to practice speech-language pathology in an effective, ethical, and inclusive manner.

Advanced Certificate in Clinical Communication

The Advanced Certificate in Clinical Communication is a 12 credit, post-professional certificate program designed to increase patient centeredness, humanism in medicine, and to promote effective communication consistent with the current changes in the United States health care system.

For additional information on graduate programs in Arts and Science please contact:

Office of Graduate Admissions
School of Arts and Science
Iona College
715 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801-1890
(914) 633-2328
E-mail: admissions@iona.edu

Hagan School of Business

The Hagan School of Business offers the Master of Business Administration in the following areas: accounting, financial management, health care management, human resource management, management, information systems, and marketing. A Post Master’s Certificate may be earned in the areas cited above, as well as Business Continuity & Risk Management, E-Commerce, and International Business.

Programs in Business

Master of Business Administration

The goal of the MBA program of lona College is to prepare students for management careers in business and other organizations. The effective manager must have the ability to analyze problems, evaluate alternative solutions, make decisions and implement them. The MBA program is designed to help the student acquire and develop these skills.

The program’s objectives are achieved through an integrated core curriculum, a series of courses in a field of concentration and advanced electives outside the major field.

The MBA curriculum requires 57 credits before waiver credits are applied. Appropriate course work at the undergraduate level may be applied against core course requirements, decreasing the number of credits required to as few as 33. There is a six-year limit for the completion of the MBA degree. A typical MBA student will take 48 credits and complete the program in four years, part-time, or two years, full-time.

Masters of Science Degrees

The Masters of Science programs are available for Accounting, Finance, Financial Services and International Finance. These programs have been designed for those individuals who want to focus on a specific financial area rather than the broader course of study available in the MBA program in Financial Management. All courses are 3 credits.

Post Master’s Certificate

A Post Master’s Certificate may be earned by MBA graduates upon successful completion of a series of courses in a major field of concentration or a highly specialized area of study approved by the dean or the department chair. A minimum of 15 credits in advanced courses is required. The PMC program is open to all holders of the MBA degree from an accredited institution and is available in all concentrations. See graduate catalog for further details.

Fields of Concentration in Business

The MBA can be obtained in the following fields of concentration: accounting, financial management; health care management; human resource management; management; information systems; and marketing.


Applicants to all graduate programs in the Hagan School of Business must submit official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work, scores on a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) taken within five years of the date of application and two letters of reference. Applications for admission are processed on a continuing basis.

Waiver of Core Courses

Undergraduate students who continue their studies in one of the graduate programs will be considered for waivers of core requirements if they achieve a grade of “B” or better in courses which are considered equivalent to graduate courses and which have been taken within five years of entrance into the graduate program.

For additional information, please contact:

Office of Graduate Admissions
Hagan School of Business
Iona College
715 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801-1890
(914) 633-2288
E-Mail: Hagan@iona.edu