2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Apr 16, 2024  
2022-2023 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology, Five Year Combined BA/MA - General-Experimental Specialization (2001)

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University Core

Complete the following required courses, preferably in freshman year, to satisfy core and major prerequisites (6 credits):

Required Psychology Courses

Complete the following required courses, preferably in sophomore year (6 credits):

Required Psychology Elective Courses

The BA in Psychology requires an additional 18 credits of undergraduate courses selected from the list of electives (15 credits) and capstone (3 credits) below. All BA/MA candidates, while undergraduates, also complete a maximum of 18 credits of the graduate courses (600-level) listed below. In order to complete the program within the five-year span, 18 graduate credits must be taken while an undergraduate. The 600-level courses listed below count for both the BA and MA degrees:

Required Psychology Capstone Course

Complete at least one course from the following capstone options (3 credits):

MA General-Experimental Required Courses

Required Foundation Courses - 6 credits:

PSY 605  Quantitative Research Methods in Psychology: Advanced Concepts

PSY 603  Experimental Research Methods

Required Culminating Course - 3 credits:

PSY 681  Thesis Supervision

Required Core courses - choose a total of 4 courses (12 credits) from :

PSY 602  Proseminar in Personality and Social Psychology

PSY 607 Professional Issues and Ethics in Psychology

PSY 611  Physiological Psychology

PSY 613 Psychopathology

PSY 617 Health Psychology

PSY 622 Lifespan Development

PSY 634  Cognition and Learning

PSY 646  Survey Methodology in Industrial-Organizational Psychology

Electives - choose a total of 5 courses (15 credits) from:

PSY 616 The Psychology of Exceptional Individuals

PSY 618  Understanding and Treatment of Addictive Behaviors

PSY 620 Dynamics of Group Processes

PSY 623 Stress: Affective, Cognitive, and Behavioral Components

PSY 629 Conflict Resolution

PSY 649 Personnel Psychology

PSY 610 Psychological Applications of Multivariate Statistics


Core courses that are not chosen can be used as electives

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