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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Media & Strategic Communication

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Iona College offers a major program leading to a BA degree in media & strategic communication (HEGIS 0601). The major program has four areas of specialization: advertising, digital media and production,  journalism, and public relations. In addition, the department offers a minor concentration and a number of electives.


Chair: T. Kelso; Graduate Coordinator for Public Relations Program: N. Redcross; Graduate Coordinator for Sports Communication and Media Program: M. Damergis; Professor Emeritus: J. Darretta; Professor: T. Kelso; Associate Professors: M. Bard, J. Breslin, R. Petrausch, N. Redcross; Assistant Professors: Z. Altinay, N. Barnett-Cosby; Clinical Lecturer: M. Damergis.


The goals of the department are:

  • to provide students with the theoretical knowledge of the discipline of media & strategic communication within a liberal arts framework;
  • to assist students in the development of practical skills in at least one area of  media & strategic communication through hands-on courses and internships;
  • to prepare students for success in the following areas: (1) professions in media & strategic communication and related fields, (2) graduate study, and (3) advanced professional training programs; and
  • to provide an undergraduate degree option to students who are looking for a relevant and challenging major that will prepare them to be successful citizens of the information society.

Major Credit Limitation

Students in the undergraduate major in media & strategic communication are required to take 39 semester credits of MSC courses. Students who wish to take more than 39 semester credits of MSC courses will be expected to take more than 120 semester credits to graduate.

Transfer Credit Limit

A maximum of 12 credits in the area of media & strategic communication may be transferred from other colleges or universities. Additional credits in media & strategic communication will not be accepted as electives.


Students majoring in media & strategic communication who are in good academic standing and have attained at least second-term sophomore status are eligible to apply to the department chair for permission to take MSC 498 - Internship in Mass Communication  (3 credits). MSC 498 - Internship in Mass Communication  (3 credits) is optional, but is highly encouraged and supported by the department. Because MSC 498 counts toward satisfying MSC general elective requirements, if students take the internship option, then they need to complete only another 6 credits, instead of 9 credits, of MSC general electives.


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